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Student Leadership

At the Patuxent Building, we believe students should not only connect their brains to learning, but to also connect their leadership skills to leadership roles. Almost half of our students are involved in some type of leadership role. Listed below are leadership opportunities we provide for our students.

  • Safety Patrol – Students serve as positive role models in our hallways and bus zones. When required, Safety Patrols remind students to follow school rules.
  • Ambassadors – Each classroom has an Ambassador. The Ambassadors welcome new students to our school and also assist the school guidance counselor as needed.
  • Encouragement Crew – These students greet each bus in the morning and encourage students to “Strive for Excellence” and to have a “Great Day!”
  • Kindness Crew – Our Kindness Crew seeks ways to spread “Random Acts of Kindness” throughout the school.
  • Buddy Readers – Buddy Readers use their strengths in Reading to provide support to fellow students who may be struggling in reading.
  • PAC Men – The PAC Men learn leadership skills and then use the leadership skills to strengthen their community.
  • School Reporters – The Leopard Times newspaper is written each quarter by our school reporters. The reporters write about different events happening around the school.
  • Green Team – The Green Team is a group of students who have an interest in conservation and recycling.
  • Daily Howl Anchors – Our Daily Howl anchors report the morning news via our live streaming video. They provide information relevant to the school day and also upcoming events.
  • Student Council – Student Council members sponsor community events, work with the PTA, and also help raise money for non-profits e.g. fire department.